Heather Marshall on December 1st, 2008

Thanksgiving came and went, but I have been reminded over and over again that I have SO MUCH to be thankful for!!  In the midst of preparing & eating a FEAST at my sister’s house on Thanksgiving day, hanging out and playing dress-up with my nieces on Friday, driving to & from my parents’/sister’s house, and cleaning my own house…. I managed to put together this list of 100 things I am thankful for!

What are YOU thankful for? Have you made your own list?  With the Christmas frenzy upon us, take time to remember even the little things you’re thankful for! Here’s my list…. what’s on yours?

Things I Am Thankful For - Thanksgiving 2008

  1. My salvation - the fact that God in His love & mercy chose to bestow that free gift upon me!
  2. Jesus, who loves & forgives me no matter how much I sin.
  3. The Holy Spirit, who leads, guides, directs, and teaches me the way I should go.
  4. Prayer… aka, direct access to God!!
  5. The assurance of my salvation.
  6. The hope of a better life to come…. in heaven!!
  7. Freedom to worship God without fear of being arrested or killed.
  8. The Bible… for great reminders of God’s love, wisdom, and direction.
  9. My great church!
  10. My AMAZING husband who loves me soooooo much!!!
  11. A husband who enjoys serving (me and others!!)
  12. Being married to my BEST friend in the WHOLE world!!
  13. My husband who loves my family as much as I do!
  14. A husband who loves to watch chick flicks with me!
  15. My adorable apartment, only 3 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean!!!
  16. Cheap rent!!
  17. A beautiful deck, almost the same size as my living/dining room!
  18. Gorgeous sunsets.
  19. Sunrises over the ocean. (not that I get to see them very often!)
  20. Walks on the beach.
  21. Wonderful parents who raised me in a loving Christian environment
  22. A family who makes me laugh… a lot.
  23. My siblings who are among my very best friends.
  24. Living only 2 hours away from my entire family.
  25. Living in a resort town where my family chooses to vacation in the summer! :)
  26. A sister who makes a fabulous Thanksgiving feast!!
  27. A mom who makes outstanding pies!!
  28. My dad, who is so wise, loving, and fun all in one. :)
  29. My siblings’ spouses who are wonderful additions to my family!
  30. My nieces and nephew who are JOYS to be around (and cute as buttons, too!)
  31. Tight-squeeze hugs from my 4 year old niece.
  32. My in-laws who love me and love their son very much.
  33. Marrying into a ginormous family! (Jason is the youngest of 8 kids!!)
  34. Fountain Coke from WaWa (my mother-in-law got me hooked on it! mm mm good!)
  35. WaWa (it’s a local thing, I know…. but it’s fabulous!)
  36. A job that I enjoy.
  37. A job that doesn’t require any “take home”.
  38. A job where my husband works right down the hall!!!
  39. Laughter.
  40. Digital cameras.
  41. Sisters who will make funny faces with you while taking pictures on the digital camera.
  42. Hershey, my sister’s 80 pound chocolate lab who LOVES to cuddle.
  43. Parents who love God.
  44. Parents who love each other still.
  45. Good, fun, CLEAN movies.
  46. My mom’s delicious pumpkin pie.
  47. My mom’s delicious pumpkin pie RECIPE!! muhahahaha!
  48. Three computers in my house. (Laptop, Desktop, iMac)
  49. Internet access.
  50. The know-how to use the internet and all three computers.
  51. Photoshop.
  52. My video camera.
  53. Memories captured on video for laughs and blackmail later! :)
  54. Forgiveness.
  55. My hair that God allowed me to keep while undergoing chemotherapy 15 years ago.
  56. My hair that grows quickly and grows a LOT, enabling me to chop 10 inches off to donate every couple of years (coming soon!).
  57. My car, which is great on gas!!
  58. “Clifford, The Big Red Van” - Jason’s van, which enables us to transport youth group kids, furniture, or anything else we need at the time. :)
  59. My husband’s ideas, which remind me of how talented he is.
  60. My health insurance, which ROCKS! (trust me… it does!)
  61. Five dollar co-pays. (One way in which my health insurance rocks!)
  62. Pumpkin spice coffee.
  63. Christmas music.
  64. Scented candles.
  65. The ability to crochet. (Great for Christmas presents!!!)
  66. Electric heat. (Really…. if I’m cold, I just turn a dial! No wood needed, no fires… just a dial!!)
  67. A working washer and dryer (Again… the amazing appliances we have - I’m so grateful!)
  68. My soft, warm bed. (After sleeping a few nights away from home, it makes one EXTRA thankful!!)
  69. Cuddling in bed with my hubby.
  70. Internet marketing (even though it’s time consuming, it has given us a reason to travel a LOT in the past year and a half!)
  71. Toothpaste (makes kissing so much more pleasant! haha)
  72. No TV in my house (because that’s probably what I would be doing right now instead of thinking of all the things I’m thankful for!!)
  73. Fleece sweatpants.
  74. Warm, fuzzy socks.
  75. The ability to cook, adapt recipes, and bake relatively well!
  76. My 89 year old Grandma, who still lives independently and cooks full meals for herself.
  77. Wrestling season starting up next week (Jason coaches, so I get to go across the street & join the GYM… aka get FIT again!!)
  78. An inexpensive gym right across the street from the school I work at.
  79. Youth ministry.
  80. Text messaging.
  81. Twitter.
  82. Facebook. (Really… it keeps me connected with family and old friends!)
  83. Online shopping.
  84. Coupon/discount code websites.
  85. Girls’ nights.
  86. Other women/wives to talk to.
  87. My chiropractor, who also happens to be Jason’s best friend. :)
  88. My “love fern” …. my heart-shaped bamboo plant that I’ve managed to keep alive since my wedding!
  89. A college education… I forget sometimes how much of a privilege that is!
  90. Sunshine.
  91. Praise and worship music.
  92. My health. (Again, a privilege!!)
  93. A doctor I actually like! (That’s hard for me to find!)
  94. God’s blessings.
  95. My husband’s back/neck/shoulder massages.
  96. My husband’s made-up songs to entertain and make me laugh.
  97. Made-up duets between me and Jason for pure entertainment purposes.
  98. Impromptu dance-offs & silly times with my hubby.
  99. This blog… where I get to share my heart & thoughts, & be reminded to strive!
  100. YOU - the readers/commenters/subscribers of and to this blog!! It wouldn’t be as much fun without you and your encouragment!! THANK YOU!!!

Wow…. a full 100!!  I’m sure this holiday has brought out the “thankful” in you….  I plan on looking back at this list throughout the year, especially whenever I need encouragement or uplifting.

Have you made a list of all the things you’re thankful for?  If it’s on your blog, I’d love for you to post your link so we can all share! If it’s written out, I want to encourage you to keep it in a place where you can look at again and again… sometimes we all need the reminders of WHY we do what we do, and WHAT we have to be thankful for! You’ll surprise yourself at how much you can come up with!!!

Leave a comment below… I’d love to hear what YOU’RE thankful for!!

Keep on striving,

Heather :)

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4 Responses to “100 Reasons to Be Thankful!”

  1. Hey!

    I love how 53 mentions blackmail and 54 is forgiveness!! Haha! Was that on purpose??!! Great top 100!

    My Dad’s phrase to me and my sisters when we would complain about what we didn’t have was “You don’t know you’re born” which is a way of saying that we didn’t understand all that we had and all that we should’ve been thankful for. It’s true!! That’s why I love Thanksgiving, it reminds us to think of what we should be thankful for and then say thank you!!

  2. Hahaha, I didn’t even notice that, Rachel! Thanks for pointing it out. :)

  3. Hi Heather,
    I loved all what you are thankful for. I just started this month (November) what i am thankful for. I post one at a time on facebook everyday. Basically, it is a count down to Thanksgiving. There are all a lot of things we take for granted and it is really good to remember God’s blessings.

  4. Hi Heather,

    I am preparing a sermon for Sunday Jan 30th on 100 reason to be thankful. I am just looking up other people’s thoughts. Thanks for sharing. I will begin mine with….
    1. I am Thankful for Life as without it we would not be able to give thanks


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