Heather Marshall on August 22nd, 2010

The first two Beatitudes in this series were general concepts meant for any marriage, regardless of religion. This next one is slightly different. This Beatitude shows the foundation our marriages should be built on.

Blessed are they who thank God for their food and who set aside some time each day to read the Bible and [...]

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Heather Marshall on May 11th, 2009

This weekend, Jason & I took a nice long walk/jog along the road that leads from our island (Ocean City) to the next island (containing the towns of Strathmere & Sea Isle).  Jason works in Strathmere in the summertime and wanted to check out the beach situation, since storms tend to wash part of it [...]

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Heather Marshall on May 2nd, 2009

Stop, Drop, & Roll…. you probably learned this as a young child, just in case your clothing ever caught on fire.  To put out the fire, your teachers had you practice these three things:

Stop what you are doing.

Drop to the ground.

Roll until the fire is out.

Now, I’ve never had to use this method in a [...]

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Heather Marshall on November 10th, 2008

“Men and women belong to different species and communications between them is still in its infancy.” ~ Bill Cosby

Ahh, communication….  have you noticed how hard it can be?  Most fights (at least in my marriage) start due to a lack of communication.  Or, to be more accurate, a lack of UNDERSTANDABLE communication.
What do I mean [...]

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Heather Marshall on October 14th, 2008

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been a little while since my last post.  Main reason:  I’ve been in California (internet-less) since Thursday!!

I was at an internet marketing event, the first ever Christian internet marketing seminar called Illuminate Conference.  My husband was one of the speakers, and I was looking forward to learning and hearing [...]

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Heather Marshall on August 21st, 2008

“Pride is a slippery sin,” Leslie Vernick writes in her book, How to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong. Often, we don’t even realize it’s there, and by the time we head down that slope, we don’t even know how to get back out.
How does that happen? Well, Satan is a deceiver. [...]

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Heather Marshall on August 11th, 2008

I am blessed with a wonderful marriage. I have a husband who loves God and loves me, and we both strive to be the spouse that God wants us to be. It is not difficult for me to love my husband (even though he can get annoying sometimes!), and it is certainly not [...]

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Heather Marshall on August 8th, 2008

I love watching the Olympics! My favorite summer sports to watch are the gymnastics and the diving. I also enjoy watching the swimming and the track and field events. The muscle tone on those athletes is astounding! They make what they do look so easy!
What we don’t see is the thousands of hours of TRAINING [...]

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Heather Marshall on August 5th, 2008

A few weeks ago, my husband was filming a movie. Actually, he was acting in it, and I had the privilege of being an extra. The setting was a cafe, so I thought it would be appropriate for me to be reading a book during the scene, but unfortunately I had forgotten my [...]

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