Heather Marshall on November 17th, 2008

Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner?!?! I’ve been getting my daily countdown from 100DaysToChristmas.com and I just can’t believe how quickly it’s coming upon us (38 days!!)!  My husband is still trying to get away with wearing flip-flops, and I just recently (and very grudgingly) took out my winter clothes!

But…. it’s here.  The season is upon us.  I dislike the consumerism of the holidays, but I do enjoy giving gifts to those I love at the same time!  Last year, I managed to buy almost ALL my Christmas gifts from ChristianBook.com, and I’m thinking of doing it again this year!  They’re affordable, and there’s something for everyone there (more than just books)!

3 reasons to shop at ChristianBook.com this Christmas:

  1. It will save you time - all your shopping can be done from the comfort of your own home! (Leaving more time for striving!!)
  2. It will save you money - the prices are all discounted, and the shipping is VERY reasonable! (I bought presents for all the nieces & nephews (14 of them!!), both sets of parents, and some other family members for well under $300.)
  3. It has gifts for everyone on your list!

Not sure what to stick in hubby’s stocking this year? Check out all the books and gifts geared toward husbands!

Wondering what to get for that hard-to-shop-for brother-in-law? How about Josh Hamilton’s new book, Beyond Belief?

951614: Beyond Belief:Finding The Strength to Come Back Beyond Belief:Finding The Strength to Come Back

By Josh Hamilton

An amazing autobiography of All-Star baseball player Josh Hamilton’s struggles (and triumphs) over cocaine addiction, suspensions from baseball, marital difficulties, and his spiritual life.

How about for your teens and tweens? There is a Christian version of both Guitar Hero AND Dance Dance Revolution!

000587: Guitar Praise: Solid Rock on CD-ROM Guitar Praise: Solid Rock on CD-ROMGuitar Praise supports 2 guitar controllers so you can play alone or with a friend. Each player can play the same track, or one player can play lead and the other play bass. This game has over 50 songs from some of today’s top Christian artists like 12 Stones, tobyMac, Stellar Kart, Skillet, David Crowder, Hawk Nelson, Superchick, Caedmon’s Call, Lincoln Brewster, Relienk K, Whitecross, and many more. The lyrics also display on the screen so that you and your audience can sing along as you play.

000037: Dance Praise on CD-ROM Dance Praise on CD-ROMBoth you and your kids can enjoy a whole new aerobic and spiritual workout! With 50 of today’s top Christian hits by artists including ZOEgirl, tobyMac, Steven Curtis Chapman, and more, you can turn your computer into a dance arcade! Each song has three playing levels (beginner to expert), and you set the dancing pace. It can be played in dance mode, or exercise mode or arcade mode.  Dance Praise also features onscreen lyrics and jukebox-style song selection. It’s a game of faith-affirming family fun!

I’m thinking about asking for Dance Praise for ME for Christmas… fun AND a workout?!! Hmmm….. :)

Looking for baby gifts? Check out the Kids’ section of Christianbook.com to find books, toys, clothing, and other gifts for children of all ages!

Regardless of who you’re shopping for, ChristianBook.com has got it!!! (Trust me, I know!)  At the very least, get some ideas off of there! I think you’ll like it…

Have fun Christmas shopping, and keep on striving!!

~Heather :)

PS - I’d love to hear what ideas you have for your Christmas shopping!  Do you “go big” for your hubby and kids, or keep things fairly small?  Any traditions you keep with your gift giving?  Leave a comment and share your story!

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4 Responses to “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like… Christmas Shopping Time!”

  1. Hey Heather!

    This year Justin and I aren’t swapping presents with any of the adults in our family and we’re just getting little things for the children (already bought!! Booya!!) We are going to stuff stockings for each other though with little items. As we’re in a budget I thought home-made would be a good way to go but what on earth can you make to put in a stocking???? I have no idea and I know Justin is stuck too. I’m willing to pay a little for materials but I’d rather not spend too much, of course. Any ideas?

  2. Jason and I do the stocking thing too… and we try to keep it around $30 or under. It’s kind of hard, and making things is not always easy (or cheap).

    Let’s see…. one year I did little magic tricks, decks of cards, and a fun book in his stocking. Last year I did a few rolled up t-shirts, favorite candy bars… gosh I don’t even remember what else! Christianbook.com has a bunch of inexpensive items… you may want to check it out even just to give yourself a few ideas!

    As far as making things go… here are a few ideas I came up with off the top of my head (I might use some, so Jason if you’re reading this, DON’T READ ANY FURTHER!! haha)
    - you can do a fun photo collage with a hand-painted frame (those were a hit with my family members a few years ago, and pretty inexpensive once the paints were bought)
    - knit/crochet a scarf (if you know how… or I can teach you to crochet if you’d like!!)
    - bake and wrap some favorite cookies or candies
    - make a CD of all his favorite songs, or several CDs, all with different themes (romantic songs, driving songs, working songs, etc)

    I think Justin has it easier… if he’s crafty he can make you (or paint you) a jewelry box, complete with jewelry! Or, basically any of the above ideas would work for a girl, too.

    Good luck stuffing those stockings! :) Maybe that’s what you can work on at the next Girls’ Night!

    Keep on Striving,


  3. i never thought christianbook.com would have so much stuff…
    thanks for the ideas…i have started making jewelry so as i do that at night when andy watches tv i may do some personal gifts…my mother-in law loves wvu apparell for game day so i may make her a bracelet with a wv charm.
    i love stockings…even more than presents there so much fun.

    I love Christmas time…
    this yr were going to nj a week before Christmas and spending the whole week with fam then the day after driving to bruceton mills,wv to see travis’ great grandma
    then driving 3 hrs to andys parents and spending a few days another 3 hrs then driving 4 hrs home
    so itll be a big road trip…with an almost 2 yr old…lol
    im keeping the Christmas spirit on that one

  4. Thanks for the ideas Heather!! I actually went on Christianbooks.com and had a look at the nativity sets. I’ve always wanted one so I think I’ll ask Justin to buy me one and then wrap each figurine individually so I have more to unwrap!! Haha! I’m such a child!! As far as gifts for him go, I think a trip to AC Moore is needed for inspiration!!!

    Thanks!! xxx


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