Heather Marshall on January 23rd, 2009

My husband rocks because… yesterday I came home with a headache, & my hubby was AMAZING!!

  • While I napped, he went right to work (without being asked) doing the laundry (including folding & putting away the clothes!)
  • He offered to make dinner (but I already had it covered).
  • He cleaned up after dinner by clearing the table, doing all the dishes, AND putting the leftovers away all while I laid down again.
  • He gave me the most AMAZING neck/shoulder/back massage to alleviate the headache’s pain… and it worked! It enabled me to actually sit up and have a normal conversation without cringing at the light!
  • He brought me ice cream for dessert since I didn’t feel well enough to eat much dinner.
  • He works super hard editing videos for NOfearYEAR.com, our video devotional (and does a great job!).
  • He’s been reading “The Five Love Languages” with me every night & tries to keep my “love tank” as full as possible.
  • He loves me, both in sickness and in health!!!!!!!!!! :)

Does YOUR husband rock? Make sure you tell him why! List the reasons out on your own blog, in a letter or card, in a Facebook note, or even here in a comment & make sure he gets to read it!  Your husband deserves to know that HE ROCKS!!

Keep on Striving,

Heather :)

PS - If you write a list out on your blog, make sure to leave a link here so I can read it too!!

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5 Responses to “My Husband Rocks Because….”

  1. What a wonderful hubby!!!

    Hopefully you are feeling better!


  2. hmmm…you inspired me girl. Here is a few on my list (not nearly all though!).

    -Drives me to dance class, and sits in the lobby to write–for the whole span of time, in an atmosphere of cranked up music and loud teenage girls.

    -Cleans the cat boxes, every week! Does the dirty “manly” stuff around the apt.

    -Also doesn’t hesitate to help with my chores (cleans and cooks like a champ!)

    -Compliments abundantly, cuddles constantly and spends time with me continually

    -Engourager: Helps me see straight if I am looking at things crookedly
    -Supportive: A motivator of goals

    Well…that’s it for now. I suppose it’s time to relay this info to him!

    You rock Heather :)

  3. :) he is truly awesome! hope you’re feeling better!

  4. Your husband sounds like your best friend. Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for a friend. My husband rocks too…I am impressed by his kidness and ability to “never meet a stranger”. He works for a towing company and believe me, whenever someone gets into his truck, they are stepping into a pulpit on four wheels!.

  5. My Patrick is awesome. He listens to me tell about my day at dinner. He listens when I have to call him at work with a problem and I need some help or prayer. He gives me extra money when I’m overbudget on my food money (which happens more times than I can count). He gives me anything I want, need, wish for. He’s so good to me. He keeps my laughing. He cares about what I’m going through. And he also gives me my space if I need some time to myself. The Lord has given him wisdom when it comes to a lot of the problems I come up against. He has a real caring heart for his children and his grandchildren and would do anything for any of them. That also extends to a lot of friends of ours. In short, he rocks!!!


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