Heather Marshall on December 18th, 2008

‘Twas one week til Christmas

And all through the house

The Marshall’s are typing

And clicking the mouse

How’s that for poetry? :)  Well, it’s true… we’re both on our computers, typing and clicking away.  Why? Because in just a few SHORT, BUSY weeks we will be officially launching our new website called NOfearYEAR.com!!

NOfearYEAR is going to be a video devotional focusing on overcoming fear using Bible verses, as well as stories from the Bible of people who either overcame fear or gave in to their fear.  This idea was birthed well over a year ago in our hearts, and it is finally coming to fruition!

Jason and I have been working on the website, videos, & devotionals for quite some time now, and it is just about ready to go.  In fact, we currently have a few PRE-SEASON videos up, explaining how NOfearYEAR.com got started, what fear is, etc.

I hope you’ll forgive me if I’m not as active on TheStrivingWife.com in the next month or so while things are taking off.  I’ll still be around, just busier, so feel free to read some old posts, leave some comments, & VISIT ME over at NOfearYEAR.com!!

God bless, & keep on striving!

Heather :)

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