Heather Marshall on May 2nd, 2009

Stop, Drop, & Roll…. you probably learned this as a young child, just in case your clothing ever caught on fire.  To put out the fire, your teachers had you practice these three things:

  • Stop what you are doing.
  • Drop to the ground.
  • Roll until the fire is out.

Now, I’ve never had to use this method in a real fire (thank God!) but I recently learned how to apply this concept to MARRIAGE!  Just like we talked about with our Complaint-Free Week Challenge, it’s often hard to tame our tongues…. but it is sooo important we do that for the sake of our marriage!

All men thrive on respect… & when we cut them down with our tongues, whether through complaining, sarcasm, nagging, angry words, etc… it belittles them and shows them great DISrespect.  Not a great way to strive for a holy marriage!

So, I’m borrowing my content from Stacy Miller of Shore Fellowship Church in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, who taught this at She Speaks ‘09 Women’s Conference this weekend.  This is a portion of what she talked about, but it really got the wheels in my head turning!

She turned the Stop, Drop, & Roll concept into a positive habit we can form when we are ready to open our mouth with something negative to say to our husbands (or children, co-workers, parents, etc).

So here’s what to do:

  • Stop talking - don’t say what you were about to say!
  • Drop to your knees and pray.
  • Roll with the positives - say something encouraging instead!

This is how you put out the fires in your marriage that can leave one or both of you burned.  Don’t say the negative things that come to mind… focus on the positive!

If you need some help on that end (because it CAN be very difficult at times), here are some resources you may want to check out:

I hope this concept is helpful to you… let me know how you did (or if you are going to take one of these other challenges… I’d love to be able to pray for you during the duration of it!)

Keep on Striving,

Heather :)

PS - Notice I kind of missed a week posting? I was in Disney with my husband, sister, & brother-in-law!  It was a great weekend, but man oh man it left me exhausted - and with no time to post anything! Glad to be back home & on schedule. :)

Chris, Sue, Heather, & Jason in the Magic Kingdom!

Chris, Sue, Heather, & Jason in the Magic Kingdom!

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5 Responses to “Stop, Drop, & Roll!”

  1. awesome Heather, I should post this on the fridge (and the bathroom mirror… bedroom door…) You’re wonderful, thanks for always encouraging me with your ministries.

  2. I love this whole concept!! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hey, Heather! Great post and great advice! I learned years ago to do this very thing. It is so important and I’m so glad you’re passing this along to others. Blessings to you…Lynn

  4. Susy - my pleasure! (And, honestly, I can say the same for you!)

    Ashley & Lynn - Glad you like it! I found it to be so simple, yet so profound, so I just HAD to share it! :)

  5. Way cool! I can remember this, which is the first step toward actually DOING it! Sarcasm is my biggie . . . I like to banter, but I end up going too far. Stop, Drop, and Roll. Time to practice!


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