Heather Marshall on July 15th, 2008

This summer is such a busy one for Jason and me! He is in a movie, emceeing a large youth event, working in various church ministries, plus working full time.  I, of course, do all these things with him (except his job - I have my own which is thankfully only half day in the summer), in addition to keeping the house clean, grocery shopping, exercising, etc. 

Busyness is not something new for us, and it often is unavoidable as well.  However, I have noticed that one of the first things to go, in order to make room in my schedule, is my personal time with the Lord. 

Right before our busiest week kicked in, I was spending almost an hour each morning, reading and praying and journaling… Then when things got hectic, I was lucky to read a verse or two while rushing out the door. 

How am I supposed to be a Godly wife if I’m not spending TIME with God?  All my striving will be for nothing, because I won’t have my Daily Bread, my filling of the Holy Spirit.  How am I supposed to be a wife after God’s own heart if I’m not taking the time to KNOW God’s heart? 

No matter how busy our day/week/month/year gets, let’s strive to take that much needed time with our Savior, allowing His strength and power to provide for the rest of our day! I’m sure we’ll be amazed at all we can fit in after giving God our first portion!

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2 Responses to “The Most Important Part of Our Busy Day…”

  1. Heather,
    you are such a blessing and so is this website
    i working on being content and i opnened my devotional and the topic was be content in everything and i just started to cry i needed to feel that god was hearing me out.
    i like what you said draw near to god and he will draw near to you…
    good stuff


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