Heather Marshall on October 17th, 2008

Did you realize that, as Americans, we are inundated with CHOICES?

Every day, we make hundreds, even thousands of choices. What to wear, what to eat, what to say, what to do, where to go, who to talk to, who to sit near, who to marry, who to vote for.  Some choices are inconsequential; others have the potential to impact our bodies, our minds, or our marriages for the rest of our lives.

Let’s look at some past examples of choice that may have affected where you are today (I’ll use myself in these examples, but feel free to apply them to your own life choices):

  • When I chose Christ as my Savior, I chose God over Satan; heaven over hell; a life of abundance and freedom over slavery and sin.
  • My choice to laugh, pray, and be optimistic about having cancer when I was 12 led to a quick recovery, great spiritual growth, and a chance for God to bless me in so many ways.
  • My choice to not drink, smoke, do drugs, or have premarital sex affected who I hung out with throughout both high school and college.
  • My choice to study just hard enough to do okay in high school affected where I “chose” to go to college (obviously, Princeton and Harvard were out of the question!).
  • My college choice affected where I ended up living, working, and who I ended up marrying.  (Sometimes I think of how different my life would have turned out had I gone to the conservative Christian college in South Carolina that I had been considering instead of my alma mater, a secular liberal arts college in South JERSEY).
  • My choice to change career paths right before my senior year of college affected where I ended up living, working, serving in ministry, and who I ended up marrying.
  • My choice to wait on God’s timing for marriage led me to marry my best friend in the whole world.
  • My choice to be a Godly wife is leading me to pray more, study more, and be more aware of how I am acting.

On the airplane to and from San Francisco last weekend, I read two incredible books.  One I finished, the other I’m still working on.  The one I finished was an autobiography of Josh Hamilton, an outfielder for the Texas Rangers (baseball, in case you weren’t sure).

951614: Beyond Belief:Finding The Strength to Come Back Beyond Belief:Finding The Strength to Come Back

By Josh Hamilton

(Click the link to pre-order your own copy, shipping on 11/30!)

Josh Hamilton made some decisions throughout the course of his life that affected EVERYTHING.  It amazed me how it worked…. one day, he was the good boy from North Carolina, extremely talented baseball player, never smoke, drank, or did anything wrong….  Then he made the choice to hang out with an acquaintance, and it led to the biggest change in his life.  That night he went to a strip club, got drunk, and did cocaine… and almost immediately became an addict.

He talks in his book about how he battled, then eventually overcame, his addiction…. but I was just astounded by the impact a few “small” choices had on his whole life.  He chose to go out.  He chose to walk into the strip club.  He chose to drink several beers. He chose to snort cocaine.  He chose to continue that habit.  He chose cocaine over his family.  He chose cocaine over his career.  Then finally, he chose Christ over all…. and was able to experience true freedom and healing from his addictions.  Now his choice is to use his testimony to be a witness to others in similar situations, and use his experiences for good.

It’s the power of CHOICE.

Think about your marriage.  Think about the “small” choices you make - the things you say to your husband, the things you say about your husband, the attitude you have, the facial expressions you make.  Do you choose to encourage and uplift your husband? Do you belittle his opinions by rolling your eyes? Do you complain about what he does/does not do? Your choices not only affect you, but also impact your husband.  Your choice to be positive and gracious can uplift your husband and your marriage, or your choice to nag and be impatient can also tear down a marriage over time.

It’s the power of CHOICE.

What choices have you made that brought you where you are today?  Were they good choices?  Do you regret those choices?  Unfortunately, we cannot go back and change those decisions we have made.  Josh mentions in his book how he often thinks about how things might have been had he made different choices.  However, he also recognizes the fact that he can’t change his past - but he doesn’t have to live in guilt and regret in the future!  God forgives, He makes us new, and He wants to work all things together for GOOD in our lives, GOOD in our marriages.

It’s our CHOICE.

Choose to make TODAY’s decisions count.  Choose to save your marriage from the downward spiral of negative behavior.  Choose to not dwell on past mistakes, past failures, past shortcomings.  Instead, learn from them, allow God to use them for good, and choose to live the way God calls us to, starting TODAY!!

Keep on Striving!

Heather :)

PS - As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and experiences.  I’d love to hear how God is working in your life and your marriage!  Leave a comment below - I look forward to talking to you!

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2 Responses to “The Power of Choice”

  1. That was good. I feel alot of times when i roll my eyes im not hurting anyone,just getting out my frustration…but it does change my attitude and that affects my husband.
    Good words of wisdom.
    Your such a blessing heather!

  2. Good stuff! It is so true that we can tear someone down by what say! Thanks for taking your time to do this and be a blessing to others!!!


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