Heather Marshall on December 30th, 2011

A few months ago, my husband & I began to seriously consider getting rid of our dinosaur phones & upgrade to something better…. Namely, the iPhone. So, right after the 4s version came out, we went out & got the iPhone 4. It was cheaper, & readily available since the 4s models were sold out everywhere. :)
SO… now that I’ve had time to think about it…. Here are my top 10 reasons why I LOVE having a smart phone!!

1. Info at my fingertips! If I have a question about something (an actor in a movie, hours a store is open, etc) I whip out my phone & find out the answer in seconds! No more saying, “Hmm I wonder…”

2. Maps when I need them most! Driving through NYC with my husband, looking for the best route to/from/around Central Park, it was so nice to have a map with my current location on it! Another time when we missed our exit I was able to find a new route easily. Who needs GPS? I’ve got my phone!!!

3. Apps for everything!! Seriously! Airlines, bill paying, devotionals, recipes, even the wait times for rides at Disney!! Thanks to my handy-dandy apps, I can listen to my favorite music on the radio, edit videos & pictures to perfection, & upload them to wherever I want. Oh yeah baby.

4. Pinterest. At my fingertips, all day long. Need I say more? ;)
5. Wifi wherever I go! REALLY great when my 2 yr old throws a fit in the car…. There are TONS of full Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes on YouTube!

6. New recipes all the time! Between Pinterest, AllRecipes, & Epicurious apps, I’ve been finding (& trying!) bunches of new recipes. I was even inspired to start using my crock pot!!

7. A 5 megapixel camera! So nice to be able to take decent quality pictures & videos of the kids… & then upload it to facebook that same day!

8. Multi-tasking! I can pay bills, check facebook, look up recipes, pin stuff on Pinterest… all while nursing an infant, riding in the car, waiting in line, or monitoring my son’s bath (the 2 yr old, not the infant!!). Case in point, I’m sitting in bed flossing my teeth as I write this. Nice, huh?

9. Words With Friends. The only game I allow on my phone, but it’s fun because it exercises my vocabulary (& gives me something to whoop my husband in!) Anyone else play? My username is StrivingMom! (Warning though - I don’t use cheats, & I don’t like playing against people who do!!)

And…. The final (& possibly BEST) reason…..

10. BLOGGING!! Could it be that just yesterday it dawned on me that there’s got to be an app for my blog? Sure enough…. There is! & so here I am. What’s great about blogging from my phone is that wherever I am, I can write. I started this post yesterday while nursing my 5 month old son, continued it during my older son’s bath, wrote more from my bed last night… I don’t have to wait til I have time to jump on a computer (which rarely happens these days). I can write whenever, wherever inspiration hits. The only negative - tapping away on a tiny screen with just my thumbs. Oh well. :)
Well, now you know! Hopefully this will indicate a return to blogging for me! Since I haven’t figured out my email or newsletter yet from my phone, keep connected through my facebook page… All updates will come through there first!!

The Striving Wife facebook page

So, now that I’m back…. What should I blog about?! :)

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6 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My iPhone!!”

  1. Welcome to technology!! :)
    Can’t wait to read your blogs

  2. I LOVE my iPhone too! My sister got the iPhone 4 in March earlier this year and honestly, I don’t think I could go back the flip-phone. It’s so helpful! I LOVE the recipe apps I have oh and discount/coupon/store circular apps!
    I the iPod on my phone allows me to meditate and play my Christian music while I’m in the library at school studying or even on the bus. (I know you didn’t ask for an Apple plug, but I really find the iPhone helps with a lot more than just making phone calls ;-) and I had to share.)

  3. Hey Heather-
    Just want to let you know that I understand about letting the online thing go when ‘life’ is happening. I have 5 grown kids of my own and I would like to pass on some advice…take your blogging back to once every two weeks(or longer) and forget cyberspace the rest of the time. Enjoy those kids and don’t let one ounce of guilt cloud your heart for even a second!! Life is too short and those boys will be grown and gone and the internet will still be there after that! I know this is unsolicited but I hate seeing young people struggle with guilt-Jesus died for all guilt and we need to put it in its proper place! No guilt, just live loved today because He is in it all-and let the rest go! Hope this isn’t offensive in any way, just passing on my own experience.

    Take care and Live Loved-

  4. Hi Heather,
    I used one of those prepaid 7 eleven phones for five years until I finally got an iphone in 2011. I love it and it has so many awesome options liked you mentioned. My only problem with it is that I have to charge it almost everyday.

  5. The new technology is so much fun!

    I have to laugh when people leave their office computers for a break and their face is immediately stuck in their iphones : )

    But sometimes I think I am so addicted to my iphone it is taking over my life!! ;)


  1. lonnie

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