Heather Marshall on November 13th, 2008
“I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”
~ Rita Rudner, US comedian

It was quite funny… I wrote this article Sunday evening, and sure enough, Sunday night Jason and I were about to go to sleep when he said, “Gosh, you’re SO ANNOYING!” and I had to laugh, because of the quote I had just found.  Why did he say such a thing?  Well, I was only trying to warm my icy-cold feet on his warm, bare legs…..

Okay, okay, so I’m sure we don’t want to annoy our husbands for the rest of our lives…. but I’m sure we all have those endearing qualities that make our husbands smile and shake their heads.  You know what I’m talking about, right?

For me, it’s DANCING.  If I want to embarrass my husband, all I have to do is dance a little!  He is a naturally gifted dancer.  Me, on the other hand….. well, I’m the one that will purposely make people laugh at me while dancing so they don’t realize just how bad I really am.

The other night, though, Jason & I were in a bit of a crazy mood, and we started a dance-off. (My idea of course).  It ended with me doing the “Q-tip” dance…. totally blew him away with that one! (j/k) But then we moved into Praise-ercise (exercising to Praise music!), do-se-do-ing, hip-hop, and all crazy dance moves.  We were rockin’ it.  And it was the most fun I’d had in quite some time.  Sooo, it made me think that it was high time I wrote another Top 10 list!!! This one is called:

Top 10 Reasons Why I’m SO Glad I Married My Best Friend

  1. He’s great to be goofy with
  2. He loves chick flicks just as much as me
  3. He lets me pick out the movies/tv shows we watch
  4. He’s my best shopping buddy/fashion consultant
  5. He always suggests ice cream for dessert, which is why I keep the freezer stocked!
  6. We’re equally matched at Rummikub, our FAVORITE game to play!
  7. Okay, I lied with #6, he lets me win a game so we can keep playing “best out of 3″
  8. He makes up awesome songs just to make me laugh
  9. He’s my favorite person to hang out with
  10. It would be totally awkward to do all these things with someone else, because what would be left to do with my husband?  … THAT’s why I’m glad I’m MARRIED TO my BEST FRIEND!! :)

Okay, your turn!!  I’m sure you have your own list of why you’re glad to be married to YOUR best friend, and I’m sure he would LOVE to hear it!!  If you’d like, post it here… or on your own blog… or write it out and give it to him! (One friend of mine wrote a Top 10 list and sent it to her husband who is stationed overseas!)

Trust me…. he’ll love it! What husband WOULDN’T love an affirmation of why you’re glad to have married him?!

Keep on Striving,
Heather :)

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16 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons Why I’m SO Glad I Married My Best Friend”

  1. This is so great! You’ve inspired me to make my own list and I will be putting it on my blog! Thanks Heather! Love your site, love your vision! Blessings ;^)

  2. HI Heather!
    Love your blog and your post, it’s great!
    It’s funny how you posted it though… Tomorrow is Friday which means “why my husband rocks” is posted. I’m new to it but I have a few thoughts why my hubby rocks. Just thought you’d be interested as obviously your husband rocks! http://myhusbandrocksblogroll.blogspot.com/
    Many blesings,

  3. Heather, Love this! Your list sounds like I could have written it about my hubby! With one or two changes, will write it and give it to him. Thanks for the great post! Blessings…Lynn

  4. love the list :) thanks for sharing!

  5. So glad you girls love the list… and are inspired! I know your husbands will be so glad to know they are loved and appreciated!!

    Heather, thanks for the link… and Katy Lin, thanks for stopping by!! I love your “My Husband Rocks” challenge… I think we ALL should take it!

    Join in:


    And keep on striving!!

    Heather :)

  6. Wow babe! You’re the best!

    Thanks for being so encouraging. It makes a huge difference in my life to know my wife honors, admires, and respects me.

    I LOVE YOU!!!


    PS - Thanks for not telling them I not only watch chick flicks but I cry too… oops!

    1. He sets a godly example for me.
    2. He is patient when my family comes to visit.
    3. He is PATIENT when I’m irritable.
    4. He gets up EARLY to walk with me!
    5. He HATES cold weather, yet he cleared the snow off my car for me before I left for work this morning!
    6. He is GREAT with handling our money!
    7. He is helpful - Today, that means that he is willing to help me train my dog to be better behaved.
    8. He’s okay with me spending money on “fun things” when we can!
    9. He takes me on dates.
    10. He hugs me.
    11. He laughs with me!!!

    1. I love to see him smile when we LAUGH together!!! Laughing with him feels AMAZING!!!
    2. He helps me improve…in every aspect of my undisciplined life!
    3. He hugs and kisses me!
    4. Our wrestle/tickle-fests are hilarious!!!
    5. Because EVERYTHING I do is MORE FUN if he can share it with me!!!
    6. Because he never gets tired of eating PIZZA!!!
    7. Because he invites me to play video games with him, even though we both know that I’m not good enough at it to challenge him.
    8. Because he is HONEST with me, even when I need it and don’t want to hear it.
    9. He’s my favorite person to hang out with.
    10. Because we’re only 4 years in, and my best friend made vows to God and to me and signed a contract (intimidating, huh?), and I get to enjoy him for the rest of my life!!! Yay!!!

  9. Thanks, Heather, for encouraging us to do this. It was a blast to take a fresh look at our relationship!

  10. Hey Heather! Finally, here is my Top 10 about my husband:

    1 - He really loves me - all the time - even when I’m horrible!
    2 - He tells me he loves me all the time!
    3 - He’s himself with everyone - no lies, no charades.
    4 - He works hard at a job he hates to provide for us.
    5 - He makes a real effort with my family - he loves them and they love him.
    6 - He always tells me the food I make him is delicious!!
    7 - He made me an awesome and romantic birthday gift!!
    8 - He did a whole list of helpful things on Friday to keep our home running.
    9 - He bought me a bunch of beautiful pink roses for no reason last week.
    10 - He helped me get ready for Girl’s Night.

  11. Loving the lists!!

    I hope you gave a copy to your husband - he will LOVE it! (Hey, that can be part of a Christmas gift, too!)

    I have about twenty more reasons this week why my husband rocks and why I’m SOOOOOoooo glad I married him…. but I’ll save them for another post. ;)

    Keep on striving!
    Heather :)

  12. Oh, this is the second post I’ve read in a row today about appreciating our hubbies. Guess I need to take the hint! ;-) I will think about my top ten, but I sure do appreciate that he is a great father to our three kids, he takes care of me by bringing me breakfast in bed on random days, makes me special coffees and surprises me with them, loves to just be with me…so many things I can easily take for granted after nearly 22 years of hanging out together. But, I am trying to remember to NOTICE these things as EXTRAORDINARY rather than just consider it normal. I know I am blessed. Thanks for the nudge to stop and recognize how great it is to be married to my best friend!

  13. Top ten reasons why I’m glad I married my best friend, Craig:

    1) He’s patient with me, eternally!
    2) He takes the mick out of me so much I can’t help but laugh and not be offended (I am his poo-poo face!?)
    3) He forgives me my silly girly hissy fits, as I am having one.
    4) He gets up before me to walk the dogs.
    5) He knows when to ignore me, when to tickle me, and when to cuddle me.
    6) He is sooo d*mn sexy. (But he is! I hope my language doesn’t offend)
    7) He gets on with my parents almost better than I do, and doesn’t need me there at the same time.
    8) He cooks AMAZING food
    9) He is so cute when he’s asleep
    10) He was the first person on earth to teach me what unconditional love is really like
    11) He tells me which movies he’s going to fall asleep in, so I can choose what I want to watch.

    (Hopefully he won’t be embarrassed that I posted the link to this to his work email for him to open in work tomorrow. I should tell you these things more often Babe, sorry Xx)

  14. Hee hee, I didn’t know 8 ) was a smiley!

  15. Oh my gosh I am so fortunate to have had the chance to marry my best friend. After two failed marriages. I can tell you marrying your best friend is the way to go….No lies, awesome comptability, you can talk about anything and they don’t judge you support support all the way!
    My husband is my best friend and
    I married him
    He understands me and listens and never judges
    he explains what I can’t
    He makes me feel beautiful all the time
    He is honest and doesn’t make up excuses for what happened he owns it!
    He is funny always keeps me laughing
    He is intelligent and I am proud of him
    He is sexy and doesn’t know it
    He is polite
    He cleans house
    and he loves me like no other
    we are truly sole mates and I never thought that was something that truly existed, but hold out because it does.
    He let’s me be me and backs me up!!!
    I love my husband with all my heart and he loves me!

  16. 1.I enjoy spending time with him the most.
    2.He makes me laugh even in a terrible situation.
    3.He is intelligent, honest and sincere.
    4.He understands me so well.
    5.He brings the best out of me.
    6.He listens to me and I can annoy him as much as I want. He pretends to get annoyed but I know he is not.
    7.He appreciates my philosophy on life.
    8.Although we don’t always agree, we don’t get angry. We understand each other’s view well.
    9.I love watching movie with him.
    10.He is patient and cool headed unlike me.
    11.He gives me butterflies although it’s hard for me to grab him:D
    12.He is the last person I would like to talk before I go to bed.
    13.He always expresses his gratitude and so do I.
    14.I can talk to him about anything since he is not suspicious or nosy person.
    15.He finds out some of my characteristics which nobody did before.
    16.I love his understanding of my logical thinking.
    17.He doesn’t look like a person so far who can hurt me physically what my ex did.
    18.We pinch each other a lot but it doesn’t hurt me personally. Because we both know what we really mean.
    19.There is always a good feeling left when we leave each other.
    20.He does such stuffs for me what he usually doesn’t do for others.

    He is my best friend and it’s worth of having all the bad experiences in my life before meeting him. Because those experiences make me a better person who I am now and lead me to meet him:)

    I think that it is called ’serendipity’.


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