Heather Marshall on August 14th, 2008

… This list changes from week to week, but here’s the top 10 for this week, inspired by the fact that my entire family came down to Ocean City on vacation for the week (I’m talking parents, brother & sister-in-law, nieces, nephew, uncle, cousins - and it’s not over yet!).  And, since I’ve been so crazy busy with them all this week (and Jason’s been AWESOME), I’ll dedicate this blog post to My Wonderful Husband…. (I love you, Jason!!)

So, without further ado….  The Top 10 Reasons Why My Husband Is The Greatest (This Week):

  1. He is willingly spending every evening with his in-laws.
  2. He patiently put up with nauseating kiddie rides so my 10 year old niece would have someone to ride with.
  3. He gladly spent his day off at the beach (even though he works on the beach as a lifeguard every day).
  4. He helped me clean the house when my mom gave us 15 minutes notice that she and the whole family were on their way over with dinner.
  5. He looks cute wheeling a baby carriage. ;)
  6. He hasn’t complained even once that we haven’t spent much time alone this week.
  7. He hasn’t complained even once that I haven’t been paying enough attention to him.
  8. He hasn’t complained even once that I haven’t gone grocery shopping this week (even though dinners are with the fam, we still have breakfast and lunches to eat on our own!).
  9. He hasn’t complained even once (okay maybe once) that we’re out late every night and not getting enough sleep.
  10. He completely and totally understands that I need to spend this time with my family, because it’s not going to happen again like this for a really long time.

When’s the last time you came up with YOUR “Top 10 Reasons Why My Husband Is The Greatest” list?  Have you shared them with him?  Here is one way you can show your love and appreciation for your husband!  Post your list on your blog, write it in a card for him, or send him an email!  Write it down so he can look at it, read it, and know that you really do appreciate him.  Boost his ego today! He deserves it! :) 

Keep on striving!  (And I’d love to hear some of  your Top 10 Reasons! Comment below!)

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6 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons Why My Husband Is the Greatest (This Week!)”

  1. How did you know I was going to read this?

    Thanks for the love and encouragement! I needed that! I think you should do a post like this every week :)

    Keep up the great work!


  2. How wonderfully REFRESHING it was to read your blog — it is like that everytime I read it Heather……….what a blessing you are! I have never met your hubby but I am sure he is as DELIGHTFUL as YOU ARE! May God bless you both with many many many many….. years of EACHOTHER!!!!!!!!

    One way I let Israel how special he is to me…I leave him little love notes in his lunch bag…..I also leave him little notes and sometimes a sugar free treat in his car at night so when he gets into it in the morning — he knows I am thinking of him! What a blessing our husbands are!!!!!

  3. Hi, it’s so refreshing to have come accross your blog!

    I am a newly married 20 year old woman of God and I adore my husband but I do not respect him nearly enough!

    So here are my top 10:

    1: When my family showed up out of the blue for a few days he stepped aside and loved me enough to allow me time alone with them (they live 500 miles away so I never see them!).

    2: He has allowed me to be a stay at home wife and supported me through the decision to start up my own business!

    3: He never complains when there isn’t a meal ready for him coming home and never complains if my cooking is not good.

    4: He looks after our finances without letting me worry about them at all.

    5: He is striving to get my car roadworthy this moth so I can get out and about while he is at work!

    6: He doesn’t pressure me or resent me even though I suffer from Vaginismus and we don’t make love as often as he would like.

    7: He is very excited about the idea of becoming a dad and fully supports the idea of adoption if we cannot conceive our own child.

    8: He never complains about my baby (my siamese cat!) sleeping in our bed every night!

    9: He looks good in a slim fit shirt and skinny jeans ;)

    10: He is patient with me… (trust me, not many men could be!)

    I love him and writing that list helps :)

    Kirsty x

  4. Rodrick…

    1. Gives our 2 and 3 yr old a bath every night and reads the same story over and over and over lol
    2. Peeled and sectioned the sweetest orange for me 2 nights ago because I strained my wrist :-)
    3. Cuts the grass even though it takes a toll on his allergies
    4. Changes some very stinky pull ups when our 2 yr old tells us he needs to potty when really he already has pottied lol
    5. Puts up with my mood swings
    6. Frequently grills on the weekends so that I have a break from cooking
    7. Lets me run away with the girls every now and then to maintain my sanity
    8. Always says I’m sorry; he’s the ice breaker in our relationship
    9. Maintains the the style quota in our relationship (ie fashion, decor, etc lol)
    10. Hasn’t given up on our marriage even when the going gets tough

  5. My Allyn:

    1) He is very handsome from head to toe. Sexy. And he started wearing better fitting jeans for me! :)
    2) Took my children as his own. And now that we have our son, he raises them no differently from each other. He is a GREAT daddy!
    3) He is the cook in our house. And he does it wonderfully!
    4) Started painting my toenails for me when I was pregnant…now that our son is almost 2, he still does! :)
    5) When we fight, he always comes to me first. His face soft and his eyes warm. And if he hurt me, I can always tell he is genuinely sorry even if he didn’t say it.
    6) He is very ACTIVE with the kids! Video games, football, the boys always have someone to play with!
    7) He is completely selfless when we are intimate.
    8) He always compliments me every day, throughout the day. He makes me feel absolutely beautiful.
    9) He takes care of me during those first couple of days every month. Brings me ibuprofen and water, takes out the heating pad for me, massages my back.
    10) He chose me. He wanted to live his life for me. He took me to be his wife, to love and hold…cherish…forever. And unconditionally.

    When I read this to myself again, I wonder why I ever have a reason to NOT encourage him or be angry with him. He is my rock. I love him with all of my heart!


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