Heather Marshall on December 11th, 2008

That’s right, Christmas is 2 weeks away… WOW.

Hard to imagine it, especially when it hit 60 degrees yesterday! Last year, Jason & I were in DisneyWorld at this time of year, so when I was getting a sunburn in 85 degree weather, hearing “Merry Christmas” seemed soooo strange. :)

And now, this time of year has come upon us once again.

With radio stations playing 24/7 Christmas songs (yay!!), I’m constantly humming a tune to remind me of Christmas’s fast approach.  “It’s the most wonderful time of the year….” Hmm… maybe it should say the most stressful time? Or the most in debt time?

Let’s take a moment though to reflect why it really can be the most wonderful time…

What is your favorite part of Christmas? The decorations? The family time? The presents? I’m sure different images, sounds, and smells come to mind around this time of year…

~ I love the look of Christmas lights on all the houses…

~ I love the Christmas Eve candlelight service at my parents’ church, singing “O Holy Night” by candle light… I love the smell of the church after the service, when all the candles are blown out and it’s officially Christmas!

~ I love the smell of “wintery” candles - like cinnamon spice, gingerbread, or cranberry orange.

~ I love watching classic Christmas movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life” & “A Christmas Story” & “The March of the Wooden Soldiers.”

~ I love reading the familiar Christmas story out of Luke.

~ I love gathering in my parents’ living room after church late Christmas Eve (early Christmas morning, really!) with my family to open Christmas presents!

~ I love the look of my Christmas tree, all decorated & lit up…

~ I love waking up Christmas morning with my husband, opening up our Christmas stockings together…

This has turned into our new “tradition” for Christmas.  In order to keep things simple, Jason & only stuff stockings for each other. It’s a treat to see what the other will come up with on Christmas day! :)

This can be such a hectic time of year with parties to go to, last minute presents to shop for, family to visit, & who knows what else… but it’s so important to pause & remember the reason why we celebrate Christmas.

Even beyond celebrating Christ’s birth, let this time of year be a time of showing love to your family, thankfulness for time spent with them, gratefulness for the abundance God has given you, & generosity to those in need.

Love wholeheartedly, forgive unconditionally, give sacrificially, receive graciously… and you will, in essence, have captured the “Christmas spirit.”

Let’s strive together to keep Christ’s LOVE in Christmas, so it really CAN be the most WONDERFUL time of year!

Keep on Striving,

Heather :)

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3 Responses to “Two Weeks ‘Til Christmas!!”

  1. Amen!

  2. My dearest Heather,
    I received this website from your mother’s Christmas card information. How happy I was to receive it! You look like the day I first saw you in room 319. but should I say yo are more glowing! May your Christmas be filled with the same joy you share on this website.
    Lydia MEgale

  3. Mrs. Megale!!

    Wow, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to visit my website! (I had no idea my mom was putting it in her Christmas letter!) I hope you and your family are doing well… I love seeing your Christmas pictures at my mother’s house every year and how much your kids are growing!

    God bless you, I miss you (& your classes! - I just recently listened to the Christmas CD we recorded my Junior year of high school! Brought back such great memories). Have a WONDERFUL Christmas!


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