Heather Marshall on July 4th, 2008

In Elizabeth George’s book, “A Wife After God’s Own Heart,” she gives a recipe for a happy marriage, made up of 4 basic ingredients:

Help, Submit, Respect, & Love

Those are our roles as wife… ALL 4 of them are necessary in marriage! In fact, she gives a great acronym to help us remember our God-given roles toward our husband:

Warm up his life with your love

Improve his life as a helper

Follow his leadership with a willing heart

Esteem him highly with utmost respect

The letter F is often a difficult one for us as women… We like to be independent, stubborn… Pray with me DAILY for the willingness to submit to the leadership of our husbands.

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3 Responses to “What Does It Mean to Be a WIFE?”

  1. Hey Heather, I saw you were posting this up on facebook so I decided to take a look. This is pretty interesting stuff and I’m excited to read more especially being a new wife. Keep it coming please! :o)

  2. Gina, so glad you’re reading this! I look forward to sharing more, and majorly growing in the process! The first year can be hard…. but I’ll write more on that later. ;)

  3. i have been reading your articles and ritght now i just feel like breaking down and cry to God so that He can break me, make me and mould me into a new and better gracious wife.

    i have been nagging, sarcastic and angery most of the time. thanx for opening my eyes and am sharing this with my friends. by God’s grace, my hubby is in for a better phase of his married life


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